Hirschmann™ OpenBAT Clear Space® Wireless

New Hirschmann™ OpenBAT hardware platform delivers maximum flexibility for highest speed and reliability.

Hirschmann™ OpenBAT Clear Space® Wireless

Hirschmann™ OpenBAT Clear Space® Wireless

  • A unique platform concept that permits tailor-made solutions with an optimum price-performance ratio
  • Innovative wireless technology that guarantees maximum WLAN availability
  • Integrated ESD protection combined with robust hardware ensures high reliability and an extremely long operational lifetime for the access points

Your Benefits

The access points in the OpenBAT family offer an optimum degree of flexibility, while maximizing cost effectiveness. Their modular design permits the configuration of up to 8,000 versions, differing in terms of functions, protocols, WLAN and Ethernet ports, interfaces, power supply, installation concept and certifications. It also offers dedicated versions per country approval like for USA/Canada, Europe, China, Brazil and many others. This enables you to obtain an access point tailored to your precise individual requirements. Clear Space® technology is included in all versions, which reliably eliminates competing radio frequencies. This guarantees stable WLAN connections at all times. The robust hardware and integrated ESD protection (capable of withstanding electrostatic discharges of up to 25 kV), make
the OpenBAT family a model for dependability.

OpenBAT Family from Hirschmann™

The access points and clients in the new OpenBAT family can be mounted on DIN rails (BAT-R) or installed on walls or masts in indoor and outdoor (BAT-F) areas. Available with or without conformal coating, the devices have an operating temperature range of 0°C to +60°C or -40°C to +70°C. All versions support the IEEE 802.11n transmission standard, with PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Public Spot and VPN Gateway as options.

access point has one or two wireless modules and Gigabit Ethernet ports with tried and tested M12 connection technology (IP67 version), one of which is configurable as a combo port (fiber optic/twisted pair). A serial M12-RS232 interface and a USB port are also provided. For redundant power supply using potential-free relay contacts, a choice of freely combinable PoE power packs for IEEE 02.3af, 24/48 V DC, 60/120/250 V DC or 110/230 V AC is available.


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WLAN Firmware with “Near Wired Connection” Reliability


Hirschmann HiLCOS 8.9 wireless firmware incorporates Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) technology to increase the reliability of the wireless connection.


HiLCOS 8.9 is the latest version of WLAN firmware to manage Hirschmann’s highly successful range of OpenBAT industrial wireless devices. As an industry first it incorporates Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) technology into a wireless product.

  • Increased reliability
    PRP technology, already used in wired applications, is totally new for an access point. The use of PRP can increase the reliability of a wireless connection and/or network significantly.
  • Saving on hardware
    There is also a saving on additional hardware as a PRP-Redundancy-Box is no longer needed.Faster and easier to manage
    The new firmware includes Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC) as well as extensive management, redundancy and security functions.

    • Faster
      OKC provides fast authentication between several Access Points (fast roaming) in a network, where the access points are under common administrative control.

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Gecko 4TX from Hirschmann™

Hirschmann Gecko 4TX

The Hirschmann™ GECKO 4TX industrial Ethernet switch guarantees reliable data communication and enhanced redundancy and diagnostic features with easy-to-implement management functionality at an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The GECKO was designed with functional essentials in mind, while also offering enhancements for redundancy and diagnostics. It minimizes downtime and boosts profitability of production processes.

Fast network reconfiguration
With a combination of managed and unmanaged switches, the GECKO 4TX is ideally suited for use in smaller networks, or on the edge of larger installations. The GECKO 4TX is a cost-effective way of entering the world of managed switches. What’s more, the redundancy functionality of the GECKO 4TX ensures that your production processes does not grind to a halt even in the event of a data communication error. Due to its low power consumption, the switch also helps cut long-term operating costs.

Simple handling
If you have been reluctant to use managed switches because of their complex operation, then the GECKO 4TX is the ideal alternative. With the proper level of management functionality included, you can configure and monitor the switch without needing any special IT know-how.

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HiSecOS Release 1.1v

HiSecOS Release 1.1v

Effective August 22, 2013 Hirschmann EAGLE 20/30 multiport firewall devices will ship with the new Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS).

The new HiSecOS improves firewall and routing performance for edge and core industrial security applications.


Access control lists, firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) web interface are just a few of the usability improvements. The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a vendor-neutral device discovery protocol, as define by the IEEE 802.1ab standard. LLDP permits the discovery of non-Hirschmann devices. Additional features include Device Security Status Indication and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) configuration change logging.

The HiSecOS is compliant with IEEE 1686 (standard for substation intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) Cyber Security capabilities) and configuration changes via the logging of protocols to the audit trail are now possible with SNMP.

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Tailored solutions for stable wireless communications

Tailored solutions for stable wireless communications

Belden offers wireless access points with a new modular design concept – the new OpenBAT family from Hirschmann™

Individually configurable via the Internet, the robust access points in the new OpenBAT family from Hirschmann guarantee stable WLAN connections – even in the most demanding industrial applications. These devices can be used to implement wireless communication solutions that were previously solely the domain of cable-based networks typically found in rail transport, electricity supply or mechanical engineering. With Clear Space® technology inside, ESD protection and the option of integrated high-voltage power supply, the OpenBAT family sets new standards in lifetime operational effectiveness – leading to significant reductions in total cost of ownership.

The OpenBAT family comprises of the BAT-R (IP30) and BAT-F (IP65/67) series of WLAN access points, which are fully compatible with the previous BAT54 and BAT300 models from Hirschmann. Their modular design permits the configuration of up to 8,000 versions, differing in terms of functions, protocols, WLAN and Ethernet ports, interfaces, power supply, installation concept, and industry and country-specific certifications. The OpenBAT brings an optimum degree of flexibility and is a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Wireless communications-OpenBat

Clear Space® technology is included in all versions, which eliminates frequencies from competing radios. This guarantees stable WLAN connections at all times. The robust hardware and the integrated ESD protection (capable of withstanding electrostatic discharges of up to 25 kV) make the OpenBAT family a model of dependability. Redundant power supply using potential-free relay contacts, a choice of freely combinable PoE power packs for IEEE802.3af, 24/48 VDC, 60/120/250 VDC or 110/230 VAC is available.

With HiLCOS inside, the devices in the OpenBAT family bring the most powerful operating system to the automation industry – including extensive management, redundancy and security functions, and providing support for IPv4/6 routing. What’s more, all OpenBAT devices comply with the IEEE 802.11n WLAN standard that enables data rates of up to 450 Mbit/s in both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, and supports interference-free MIMO antenna technology. The access points are an ideal solution for quickly setting up communication infrastructures, meshed networks, wireless distribution systems and point-to-point connections. The access points also support WAN and VPN applications.

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Introducing Industrial HiVision v5.0

Introducing Industrial HiVision v5.0

The new software is combining the benefits of a manufacturer-specific application with the flexibility of a generic open network management platform.

Belden announces a major new release of its Hirschmann™ network management software for industrial networks, combining the benefits of a manufacturer-specific application with the flexibility of a generic open network management platform.

HiVision 5.0

Ease of installation and use, as well as total flexibility are key benefits of version 5.0 of the Hirschmann Industrial HiVision network management software, designed for use by automation engineers. This new version builds on the success of previous releases and incorporates a range of functionalities for effective industrial network management. Based on the experience of its many users, it meets the specific challenges of configuring and supervising an industrial Ethernet network.

Because industrial networks often consist of equipment from different manufacturers, Industrial HiVision v5.0 comes with a free tool, HiFusion, a stand-alone application which facilitates the integration of any SNMP-capable device. HiFusion also includes a wizard, to guide users through the integration process.

Other new functionality in this major release includes a project set-up wizard to reduce the learning curve, a network hierarchy structure for managing large networks, and a scheduler to automate regular tasks.
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New MACH104-L3P switches from Hirschmann™

Cost-effective alternative for Layer 3 applications with high data rates

The workgroup switches in our new MACH104-L3P series are a cost-effective alternative for Layer 3 applications with high data rates, such as video surveillance or IP telephony. They combine switching with extensive routing functions and feature a kettle lead power plug. They also support Gigabit speeds, various redundancy methods, Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2). Finally, they come with the Hirschmann industry-proven standard of high quality.

New MACH104-L3P switches from Hirschmann

The workgroup switches can be rapidly put into operation via plug and play, and allow you to address specific data packets in or across subnetworks. They can also be used to cost-effectively power or accurately synchronize your terminal equipment via the data line. Redundancy methods such as MRP, HIPER Ring and RSTP guarantee smooth data communication. And last but not least, the switches are only one rack unit high (1U) and tolerate temperatures from 0°C to +50°C, so they can be installed in control cabinets without the need for powerful cooling systems.

The MACH104-L3P switches provide flexible and cost effective solutions in numerous industries. They can be used, for example, in transport applications to network traffic lights and emergency telephones, to transmit video and audio signals such as announcements and alerts, or control smoke extraction systems. Another example is office communication, where they can be used to efficiently connect a large number of devices to the network – including PCs, printers, and WLAN access points.

The new workgroup switches provide static, dynamic and even multicast routing, and have 16 or 20 TX ports. A total of nine different versions are available, six of which support PoE+. There are also variants with two optical 10 Gigabit uplinks, fanless cooling, redundant power supply and non-heating appliance power plug, or an external power supply.

models are characterized by a robust design that can withstand shock, vibration, magnetic fields and electrostatic discharges. Additional features include extensive management and redundancy methods, as well as various configuration and diagnostic functions. A USB interface enables you to connect the ACA 21 autoconfiguration adapter and hence save all your configuration data as well as conveniently upgrade or downgrade the workgroup switches’ operating system.

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New software release for professional level: Hirschmann™ Software Release 8.0

The most powerful operating system for Industrial Ethernet switches

With the new 8.0 release, managed switches from the MACH, MICE, Rail and OCTOPUS families from Hirschmann™ not only have more standard features than any other network devices in the automation field, but also offer a host of special functions.

Hirschmann™ Software Release 8.0

Depending on the switch family, these include tools such as an integrated IEC61850 server for seamless integration into data networks for power generation and distribution. A PTP power profile according to IEEE C37.238 also allows you to accurately synchronize these networks. Thanks to support for Jumbo frames, which ensure optimum utilization of user data, high-resolution video applications are also possible.

Furthermore, in addition to extensions for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP, the new release for all four switch families offers additional mechanisms for detecting overload situations as well as improved diagnostic, documentation and encryption mechanisms. For example, you can transmit diagnostic information directly to controllers, making the switch an integral component of the respective application.

Like the previous version, the new software release 8.0 supports extensive management, diagnostic and filter functions, as well as various redundancy methods, security mechanisms and real-time applications. This gives you the most powerful operating system currently available for Industrial Ethernet switches. As a result, you can implement demanding applications in the energy industry, the oil and gas sector and the automotive industry for example.

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New Copper Fast Ethernet SFP is available!

Hirschmann ™ presents new TX SFP transceiver for RSP switches

The new TX SFP can be used in the RSP switch for copper PRP connections. The RSP switch supports PRP with fiber SFP only. With this new copper SFP is it now possible to connect copper based PRP networks.

Copper Fast Ethernet SFP
Order No.: 942 098-001
Availability: available

Limitation: RSP switch PRP ports 1 and 2 only at present.

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Hirschmann™ presents the new optical bypass relay OBR40

Protecting Ethernet fiber-optic networks against multiple switch failures

Hirschmann OBR40If network availability is your top priority, the OBR40 optical bypass relay is the perfect solution. Even if the power fails simultaneously on a number of switches, your network, with the exception of the directly affected applications, will continue to be available – and hence practically of your processes.
You can even rely on this when power is cut off to the OBR40 itself. An internal switching mechanism ensures that the bypass function is effectively activated automatically – regardless of the data rate and protocol. You can also use the relay to switch off specific system components, for example, to perform maintenance on individual turbines in a wind farm, while data communication to the remaining turbines remains intact.

Mountable on DIN rails, the robust OBR40 can be used in fiber-optic networks with line or ring topology. All you have to do is connect it to the uplink ports of a switch. If the power supply fails, or falls below a configurable value, the bypass function is activated and the switch is bypassed.

You can also use a control contact to trigger the function at will. A switch-on delay ensures that a previously bridged switch seamlessly rejoins the network. In other words, the boot process is completed and incoming data packets are passed on immediately.

The optical bypass relay OBR40 has four duplex fiber optic connections that are available for various fiber types (multi-mode 62.5/125 µm, multi-mode 50/125 µm, single-mode 9/125 µm). Other features include an IP30 protection rating, an operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, and a redundant 24 VDC power supply. In addition, the status of the relay and its power supplies are displayed on LEDs on the front panel and also reported via a potential-free signal contact.